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The Comfort Skirt’s Beginnings

It all began when we travelled to Huddinge, Sweden for The Lion’s Cup Hockey Tournament. I noticed the entire Huddinge hockey mom group wearing a long black insulated slimming skirt allowing them to move around the bleachers with ease. No falling and rewrapping blankets around their waists, no bulky snow pants. They wore the skirt as a genuine piece of women’s clothing.

I immediately asked a mom about this functional and fashionable accessory. She looked at me and said, “The Comfort Skirt.” We wear it all the time over jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses. It protects you from the elements and keeps you warm. It is lightweight and easy to fold and put in your purse or bag. I was so excited. I had to have one. They were selling them at the rink in their pro shop.

8 of the 10 mothers traveling with us bought a comfort skirt. We wore them in the rink, commuting on the train and touring Stockholm. We were never cold again. The special fibers are woven to create an insulating barrier with your own body heat. The Teflon treated outer layer repels rain and snow. At that moment a light bulb went off. I decided that I must bring this amazing fashion innovation to the historically cold cheerleader mothers of the USA.

As a mother of 4 athletes, I will never again sit on freezing-cold bleachers to watch another lacrosse, football, soccer or baseball/softball game while continuously wrapping and rewrapping blankets around my legs every time I stand up to cheer. I will never go to another frigid hockey rink or stand on a blustery commuter train platform waiting for an overdue train. There is a nearly endless list of places and events that my Comfort Skirt has kept me warm and dry. Either worn or packed in my tote bag, my Comfort Skirt ensures that I am prepared.

I am now the North American Distributor for Dobsom Sportswear – a highly respected Swedish Company. At this point, I am only selling The Comfort Skirt on my website, there are plans to carry the entire line in the future. The Comfort Skirt comes in sizes 4 – 18. It is made of 100% polyester. The padding is thin, and light with a high insulating capacity. The Comfort Skirt system blocks outside wind with a knitted outer layer and an insulating liner that creates a breathable and highly weatherproof garment. The tag line on Dobsom advertising campaign reads as follows, “En kjol som varmer,” which means, “a skirt that heats.”

I want to share my discovery with the millions of spectator moms who will endure rain, sleet, snow and wind in their unrelenting efforts to support their aspiring young athletes. I want to help all moms cheer on their child’s team unconditionally while staying warm and dry.