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Fashionable Hockey Moms Staying Warm

The-Comfort-Skirt-Hockey-Game-Mom-Crowd-WarmDoesn’t matter if the game is indoors or outdoors, hockey games always seems to leave your rump numb from the cold. Not anymore, the Comfort Skirts are keeping hockey moms in the Northern suburbs warm. These moms also created their own fashionable looks with their skirts.  They have proved that The Comfort Skirt is fashionable and functional.

Whether your at or indoor at any rink in the Chicagoland area, and you can’t quite remember what the conditions are? Don’t worry, The Comfort Skirt is so thin and compact, you can keep it in your bag and take out as needed.  Instant warmth.

Tired of wrapping and rewrapping blankets around your waist to have them fall on the ground in a spilt hot chocolate everytime you stand up and cheer?  Never again with The Comfort Skirt .  The divisible zipper allows you to slip on and off with ease.  The special woven fiber uses your own body heat to keep you warm.  Made with Teflon, the outer layer is a barrier to the elements.

The Comfort Skirt is a hockey mom’s best friend.  Stop pretending that you are enjoying watching your child’s hockey game when your really freezing and look like a burrito wrapped in a blanket; try The Comfort Skirt and start enjoying the game while not compromising style.

What about summer hockey?  The temperature outside is 80 degrees, but the rink is still 35degrees and your wearing shorts.  Slip on your Comfort Skirt and be comfortable and slip it off and go outside – easily done!