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Every women needs to own The Comfort Skirt!

Amy C

I am never cold waiting for a train on the windy platform, when wearing The Comfort Skirt – I love it!

Kelly M

The Comfort Skirt keeps be warm watching baseball at James Park – Finally

Julie J

Wore The Comfort Skirt to Soldier Field to watch a Bears game – I thought it wasn’t that cold and I took it off, silly me, it was freezing. I put it back on. What a difference.

Richell S

Love wearing my Comfort Skirt to and from the gym. So easy to put on and take off. I am able to run errands with having to change.

Janice L

Walking the dog in my PJ’s wearing The Comfort Skirt is heaven. Slip it on slip it off!

Sue G

I will never be caught without The Comfort Skirt in my bag. Nothing like going into a hockey rink in the summer with the temperature over 90 degrees and the rink is freezing. My butt will never be cold again!!!

Liza M

Walking to working along the lake front in the winter is no big deal if you’re wearing The Comfort Skirt.

Kalpana W.